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Agreed-Upon procedures (AUP).

Agreed-Upon procedures is the process between the Auditor and the Client, which is carried out with the purpose of satisfying the interests of the Client, regarding the research of information on certain issues.

Within the framework of the agreed-upon procedures (AUP), can be performed following audit services:

Verification of entitlement document, internal documents (local acts) and contract compliance and agreements:

  • examination of constitutional documents (charter documents);
  • audit the availability and compliance with licenses, permits for the implementation of business activity type;
  • examination of internal standards, regulations and local acts.

  • An audit of individual accounting issues:

  • intangible assets;
  • fixed assets;
  • financial investments;
  • other non-current assets;
  • inventory and stocks;
  • funds and mutual settlements including debtors, creditors and accountable employee claims;
  • owner's capital;
  • incomes, costs (including the procedure of calculating the production cost) and financial results.

  • Audit of the other information on financial and economic activities of enterprises and financial institutions:

  • monetary value transactions ;
  • Stock market transactions;
  • other commercial transactions;
  • reflection of cash transactions and cash flow management;
  • workflow and document system management;
  • accounting and operational accounting of bank institutions;
  • assessment of the formation of required reserves and funds, etc.
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