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An audit in accordance with ISAs
Special audit
Review and Evaluation.
Agreed-upon procedures
Reporting in accordance with IFRS
Accounting and tax accounting
Preparation and submission of reports

Review and Evaluation.

Review is a complex of audit procedures, as a result of which the auditor can form an opinion on significant issues regarding the reliability of the financial statements (or other financial or reporting information). The main purpose of review to ensure that there are no significant modifications that took place to the financial statements.

Evaluation is a set of tools for identifying the results of existing process, their impacts and then the willingness to find the best alternatives and improvements for making necessary alterations in the process

In the optimal time under optimal budget you can get a professional opinion, based on the documents to your questions.

Review and Evaluation are carried out in order to meet the Customer's interests and the requirements of the legislation.

Yaselnaya 1 Str., Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine, 49023, tel.: +38(050)452-92-80